Embracing Neutrals & Vibrant Colours

Embracing Neutrals & Vibrant Colours

Hello Friends! For this fashion series we are going to be talking about Neutrals & Vibrant colours.


Neutral tones, they are classic and sophisticated staples, that never go out of style. You can still be extremely playful when mixing soft tones into your wardrobe. Have fun with layering pieces together to create a unique polished look. For example: Take a neutral solid or graphic shirt/sweater and add a collared button-up underneath the garment and pair with your favorite denim for a complete look! If you like to mix it up and want to add a pop of colour with your neutral look you can play around with Jewelry & footwear. Don't be afraid to try new looks, enjoy the process and find your personal style within experimenting. you got this! 


Now, let's talk vibrancy! Speaking from experience i was someone who was alway caught wearing black and didn't really own anything with colour in it. For years my wardrobe would consist of monotone shades such as Black, Navy & Grey. I felt myself being intimidated when trying to add colour into my wardrobe. It wasn't until a couple years ago i made a bold decision and brought some colour into my wardrobe, and it changed everything. I started feeling more uplifted when i would wear clothing that was colourful and vibrant. I enjoy wearing colour now and believe we are made to enjoy what we are wearing and feel confident in our wardrobe choices. If you want to wear a bolder colour on the top mix your bottoms with anything from a printed pant to another vibrant colour, you do you! The best part is you get to choose your fashion style and just rock what makes you feel good!


I love seeing someone who has radiant confidence from an outfit choice they made and they just own it, i really admire that. When it comes to fashion it's such a personal and ever-evolving journey, i don't believe there is a right or a wrong way to express yourself. Dress for yourself and have fun with the process, who knows you might even just set the next trend.



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